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Why do you not have a call center?

At the present time we are planning on a call center once our brand grows and the number of products expands.

Do you sell in stores, and if so, where?

Producing products of this exceptional quality in the USA is very expensive, especially compared to the completion made in China and other countries.   We would cease to be profitable if we accepted retailer “cuts.”

Where are the products for women; children?

At the present time, we are focused on the best possible clothing for me, although at some point we may add clothing for women and children if we can do so with our any comprises in quality.

Why is your clothing higher in price that the competition?

Our unmatched quality products are made by hand in the USA using traditional hand craftsmanship.

How do we reach you if there is a question?

Email is the best way to connect with us. Please contact our support team with any questions.

Why is your product line small?

We are only interested in producing the  very best quality menswear and are committed to unmatched craftsmanship in the USA.

Do you offer gift boxes?

Coming soon for a modest additional charge. Even our gift boxes are American made and not cheap to make!

Why all the information on "fit"?

With our quality and USA production, our costs are high and our margins are low.  We need to avoid customers placing orders that may not fit them and result in unnecessary returns.
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