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Quintessential American Style

For years, Nantucket has served as the guide for essential American spring and summer styles. Brant Point Proper’s product line truly encapsulates this style with soft color palettes and classic styles in our men’s and women’s clothes. Whether you’re enjoying the beach, stuck in town or escaping to the country for the weekend, made by hand in the USA Brant Point Proper apparel will keep you looking and feeling good.

A Beacon of Tradition

At Brant Point Proper we hesitate to call ourselves a “fashion” company, we are not trying to be the next big thing on the runway. What we are striving to do is give our customers American styles better than anyone has done before. There was a time when quality and craftsmanship were paramount in clothing, but sadly that has given way to many making their clothes as quickly and cheaply as possible. Brant Point Proper rejects the later and is continuing the former tradition by partnering with only the finest American clothiers and sourcing fabrics from the world’s finest mills. Our signature ‘lighthouse’ icon is inspired by Brant Point Light, which remains a true symbol of the culture of Nantucket, and is a beacon to us; reminding us of a time when things were done right or not at all.


The Nantucket Difference

Why Nantucket? The island offers so many absolutely unsurpassed experiences. No other island anywhere offers a place like Nantucket Town. Town feels similar to Beacon Hill in Boston, Georgetown in Washington DC, or Society Hill in Philadelphia, with many great, and very historic houses. The beaches and surfs range from placid and calm and at times to the full fury of the North Atlantic. Nature on the island is unspoiled and the island is free of chain businesses and traffic lights! While most are tucked away hidden from view, the island has some of the nicest summer homes in the USA. The restaurant and shopping scene is among the Nation’s very best. To deservedly represent a place as special as Nantucket we must have a relentless commitment to quality and integrity. We do this through total US manufacturing and collaborating only with companies that share in this vision. Further, many companies seem to dismiss their inspiration once they’re successful and return only to enjoy their new vacation home a few weeks a year. We at Brant Point Proper have an enduring commitment to giving back to the Nantucket community with a portion of our profits so others can share in our passion and connection to the island.

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